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Through our strong R&D approach to data and knowledge management, K-Now continue to develop exciting new technology that allows you to easily capture, search and visualise real-time information to obtain actionable insight from your data Contact us today for a free demo!


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Event Management Support

Tap into the most amazing stream of real-time, vital crowd safety, marketing information and feedback from you audience, before, during and after your festival! See more at krowdtrak.k-now.co.uk

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Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media Gathering and analytics for brand management and crowd intentions.


Real-time location monitoring:

You can overlay information regarding the location of mobile application users through our white label mobile application.


Real-time Data Capturing:

Support direct interaction with users – Apps for capturing information, customer feedback, requests!


Your data at your fingertips:

Flexible search capabilities to find data instantly.

Data archiving for audit purposes.

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