Crisis Management

 “Streamline your response to crisis situations through enhanced knowledge of your surroundings”

As well as the problems faced at planned events, K-Now understand the importance of quick and effective response to unplanned and crisis events.

In the event of a crisis situation such as flooding, communication links between those situated in the areas worst affected and those in control rooms is key to facilitating clinical and contemporaneous decision making that can reduce the risk of large scale damage and even save lives.

What our software introduces is a clear communication channel between those at the heart of the crisis and those in authority. It allows decision makers to be more fully engaged and interact with data collected in a structured system of handling:

  • Our mobile application allows users/staff members to submit relevant and categorised information updates from ground level.
  • The position of members of staff is automatically detected and tracked
  • This information is then dealt with by a tactical two-way communication system that is in constant correspondence with those on the ground level and a supervised control room. 
  • Once the information reaches the control room and strategic decision based on the information provided from ground level can be made and action taken accordingly. 

The information submitted onto the web app can categorise the incidents to be filtered by status and time and utilises a dashboard that automatically refreshes its submission updates.

Personnel in the control room can review submissions, assign tasks and create conversations between members of staff.

All the information collected is stored and kept for evidential purposes.

This unique dynamic between our web and mobile application creates a revolutionary and highly efficient response to crisis events, gives a full knowledge of all factors of asset monitoring and improves situation awareness.

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