Event Management

Event Management

“Make informed decisions and gain valuable insights based on real-time and recorded data”

Through StaffSense, our data capture, search and visualisation platform, you will be able to make critical safety decisions in a control room based on real-time data submitted by your members of staff, event audiences or citizens through one of our white-label mobile applications.

The app will not only improve your management capabilities it also allows you to answer pertinent questions such as:-

  • Where are my team members in relation to the incident?
  • What are the most common incidents reported at my events?

Our understanding of the significant challenges faced when managing large scale planned events coupled with our technological advancements in these areas will help to improve and ensure communication, co-operation and co-ordination within your on-site team and aid your response to urgent matters.

During your event you will need to have the ability to record incidents such as theft, break-ins, and clean-up operations as they happen.

You also need to have a clear awareness of staff location to be able to deal with the most urgent incidents almost instantly.

After your event you will need to use such documented evidence to help you learn from these experiences and improve the running of future events.

On top of this, UK health and safety guidelines publications including The Purple Guide have recommended that plans be put in place to:

  • Closely monitor situations to gain an early warning of hazardous locations
  • Incorporate the use of real-time information exchange to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly 
  • Scrutinise and record these incidents for future reference to prevent recurrences

Need to gain insight into what happens at your events? Talk to us to see how our technology can help you!

iphone-4-closeupThe features of the app allow you to:

  • Know exactly where your members of staff are and their proximity to reported incidents using real-time geographic tracking of our mobile application users.
  • Send images, comments and category classifications to easily document and submit information on incidents happening on the ground.
  • View incident details through StaffSense’s mobile and web interfaces.
  • View the latest incident information available via a live web hosted dashboard that dynamically updates itself.
  • Filter through incidents by category and status (e.g. new, assigned, in progress and completed) and by time (e.g. last hour, last day, etc.)
  • Use the web interface to assign incidents to specific members of staff on the ground for inspection and completion which are sent as notifications through the mobile interface.
  • Access your data for post-event analysis to better understand the context behind recorded incidents allowing you to learn from mistakes.
  • Drill down into data using StaffSense’s advanced data visualisation capabilities.

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