Products and Services

K-Now’s wealth of expertise and vast experience in computer science and data management means we offer a coruscating array of products and services vital to ensuring you get the most out of your data.

We pride ourselves on taking a strong R&D approach with a scientific direction and base and a clear connection to the state of the art and this is why our expertise in data management has allowed us to transcend boundaries in data management in diverse and different backgrounds with great success.

Our valuable state-of-the-art products include:

Spend analysis

Our technology for spend analysis is used by over 20,000 people today and allows you to scrutinise company expenditure and enhance existing spend data with additional supplier information. We provide users with a way to easily search and access information from heterogeneous business units and answer critical business decisions.

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Our world-leading expertise reaches and influences important fields of industry such as:

Event Management

Through the clinical use of our mobile app we can maximise the use of the data collected during your event and create an accessible, dependable communication channel between security staff on the ground and decision makers in the control room. This not only allows for incidents to be reported and acted upon efficiently and contemporaneously but the data can be then stored and reviewed to help smoothen the running of future events.

Crisis Management

Through similar use of real-time data through the mobile app, K-Now offer a way of streamlining response to crisis management by utilising the same method of communication between decision makers and citizens. Water monitoring and crisis response can be made easier by acting upon information submitted at ground level and significantly reduce the magnitude of damage caused by allowing for a timely response.

For a full description of our services in event and crisis management visit our event management page.


Our collaboration with a global manufacturer of integrated defence aerospace solutions company based in Derby has seen us provide technology that links seemingly unconnected data generated in many branches around the world to make it easily searchable and accessible while summarising the data into easily interpretable visualisations that allows the client to gain new insights and support product maintenance and investment.

Learn more about our Aerospace research partnership and other collaborations, visit our collaborators page.