A real-time staff management platform

StaffSense - Events

StaffSense – Events

StaffSense provides a generic service for crowdsourcing data from members of staff using a set of mobile apps (iOS, Android) and a web interface, creating a low cost command and control solution.

Know exactly where your members of staff are and their proximity to reported issues using real-time geographic tracking of our mobile application users.

Location history

Location history

StaffSense - Fill a report

StaffSense – Fill a report

Send images, comments and classifications to easily document and collect evidence on issues happening on the ground.

Use the web interface to assign tasks to specific members of staff on the ground for inspection and completion which are sent as notifications through the mobile interface.
StaffSense - tasks

StaffSense – tasks

StaffSense - tasks

StaffSense – tasks

Use the web interface to create conversations with members of staff.
All conversations are securely stored in the platform.
Drill down into data using StaffSense’s advanced data visualisation capabilities.
StaffSense - Dashboard

StaffSense – Dashboard