Tour de Yorkshire

K-now, will be helping Doncaster City Council manage the Tour de Yorkshire event on the 30th of April. Doncaster City Council will be using K-now’s staff management software to keep in touch with the internal council team who will be on the ground, to quickly dispatch them if necessary and to efficiently handle unexpected situations. They will also be working on detecting emergencies using data from social media.

K-Now is a spin out of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Computer Science and was created in 2007 by academics and researchers of the Natural Language Processing and Organisations, Information and Knowledge Group. K-Now specializes in big data collection, analysis and visualization using innovative technologies, providing platforms and bespoke software solutions for knowledge management to help managing events or making critical business decisions.

In the past K-now has created a mobile application for the Tour de France Grand Depart in Sheffield that allowed spectators to track the race, check the schedule on the day of the event and mention which hub they will use to see the race. This allowed the organisers to get a better picture of where the crowd will be while also giving them a mean of getting in touch with the spectators via the news section within the application.

K-now aims to help organisers make informed critical safety decisions based on real-time data submitted by staff on the ground, event audiences or citizens through one of their white-label mobile applications.

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